About Lolifurrygirl: Pick a starter from the bottom if you wanna RP/cyber ^^ ALT ACCOUNT: Hornyponyishorny If you knew me, and RPed with me, I'd love it if you'd message me and continued, thanks :D RP/Fetishes that I do:: Panties incest beastiality straight lesbian loli (obviously) Name: Carleigh, ((Name me if not that.)) Age: 5. (Name my age if not, 5-18) Starter for females: *A young girl that looks about to be the age of (name it if not 5) walks towards you, she is carrying a beauitful redish-pink flower, The girl approaches you, and gives you the flower, she is all alone, and after the flower, she looks at you, and speaks* "Wow, ^^ you're pretty." Starter for males (females can do this too) *The young girls parents are out for the whole weekend, and you have the girls house, and her all to yourself, It's your job to babysit her, and make sure nothing bad happens, Before her parents left, they told you to make sure she changes, and has a bath later on, the young girl then says goodbye to her parents, and walks back inside to sit on the couch, and greets herself to you* "Hello there. ^^ What's your name?" (I prefer the age for this to be 2-8 no higher)